Prevost Motorhome Chassis Advantages


Featherlite Coaches builds their premier motorcoach, the Vantaré, on the Prevost motorhome chassis due to the inherent advantages with the Prevost chassis.  The Featherlite manufacturing and engineering prowess has earned Featherlite the distinction of being the only US producer of motorcoaches to install their own slide-outs while retaining the Prevost warranty.  Some of the reasons Featherlite Coaches chooses the Prevost Chassis include:

  • Integral Structure – Unparalleled vertical, lateral and torsional rigidity compared to body-on-chassis construction yields the strongest, safest and most durable coach in the industry.
  • Stainless Steel Structure – 304 grade stainless steel assembly and “zero tolerance assembly” resulting in perfect alignments, structural integrity, resistance to rust in the harshest conditions and years of reliable operation.
  • Electronic Stability Control – electronically compares performance models to actual movement and helps driver reduce speed, keep the vehicle in alignment and reduce the tendency for the coach to slide resulting in a safer ride.
  • Aware Adaptive Cruise Control – AWARE automatically adjusts cruise speed of the coach to maintain a safe following distance, provides impact alert if the distance between the coach and vehicle ahead closes too quickly and provides following distance alerts providing a safe and more relaxed driving environment.
  • Under-Floor Volume – 497 Cubic Feet – More than any other motorhome manufacturer allowing for greater storage capacity and for Featherlite Coaches to integrate more expansive exterior entertainment, grilling and drink stations.
  • Slide-Outs with All-Around Scenic Windows – The largest window area of any motorhome slide-out providing for more natural light inside the coach, generous views and a more open feeling inside the coach.
  • Full Height Side Windows – Panoramic views are the rule with full height windows.  Full height side windows further increase the natural light and feeling of openness in the coach.
  • Patented Prevost Beam – The Prevost Beam adds strength allowing the vehicle to accommodate more weight, greater floorspace and more slides without reducing space for amenities and storage.  Maintains the best-in-class 497 cubic feet of bay storage, ensures legendary Prevost comfort drive.
  • Beru Tire Pressure Monitoring System – Same type of tire monitoring system installed on high-end luxury vehicles, continuously provides dependable data in an easy to read display and monitors both heat and pressure.  Smarts sensors are built to adapt to various conditions ensuring a safer driving environment.
  • Volvo D13 Engine – Provides excellent toque at low RPM for responsiveness with minimal vibration and noise and produces a sustained peak power over a wide range of RPM values while leveraging the same SCR technology used for years in Europe. Unique powertrain to vehicle complete integration within the same company.
  • Factory Integrated Telematics System – Prevost Liaison is the only integrated telematics system in the industry, monitors electronic systems and provides weekly reports on vital statistics and can even help with fuel savings via trip optimization.
  • Ergonomic Driver Environment – Prevost cockpit is designed leveraging the latest in biomechanical technology to optimize intuitive operation, safety and comfort providing a fatigue free experience.
  • Prevost Independent Suspension – Designed and built by Prevost and integrated with the chassis system as part of the legendary ride comfort with special sway bars on the front and drive axles.  Integrates variable assist power steering ensuring Prevost drivers enjoy exceptional directional stability, road feel and handling.
  • Easy to Use Mobile Apps – Service locator app, service tools app and links to Prevost online warranty, parts ordering and telematics service allowing you manage your Prevost coach experience.
  • Largest Service Network – In addition to legendary service at the Featherlite Coaches Suffolk, VA and Sanford, FL locations, Prevost offers 150 service providers, 8 service centers and 13 field service managers to ensure you are always cared for as you travel the country.

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