Our Experts

A Commitment to Excellence drives our talented group of craftsmen, designers, and engineers in their pursuit of perfection.  This special culture embraces the inner competition between creativity and manufacturing discipline, between technical precision and the craftsman’s eye for detail.  It is the cooperative meshing of these ideas, the combination of modern manufacturing technology and traditional craftsmanship, that is an essential element of every Featherlite Coach.  Each unique coach is built by a team of the finest craftsmen, artisans, and technicians, equipped with the latest technologies and the best materials. Our Engineering Department designs all mechanical, electrical, and cabinet installations in 3D AutoCAD; all aspects are pre-engineered and documented before construction. Our Interior Designers source an alluring array of materials and resources that give each coach its unique custom look and feel.

True to the Featherlite name, modern construction techniques that combine light weight with high strength are utilized in every Featherlite Coach made.  Our accomplished craftsmen hand assemble each coach from precision components manufactured by an advanced CNC machining center.  The CNC machining center allows production of strong, weight optimized components directly from our engineers’ highly detailed 3D CAD designs, allowing the craftsmen to focus on structural integrity and aesthetic detail. In many applications advanced lightweight composite materials are utilized to further reduce weight while maintaining or enhancing strength characteristics of a particular component. Composite panels are commonly employed with honeycomb or foam cores for doors and bulkheads. In some cases lightweight composite reinforced stone veneer is utilized for countertops, floors, and shower walls.

Featherlite Coaches insists on robust systems, incorporating proven technologies from the yacht, aviation, and motorcoach industries to offer the best possible combination of performance and reliability.  We are dedicated to finding new materials, technology, and systems, and are continually striving to find new ways of creating truly innovative solutions.  We employ a stringent Quality Control system through the entire coach build to ensure that the highest level of quality is built in from process to product.  Advanced manufacturing processes, combined with exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail, and robust systems, contribute to making Featherlite Coaches the ultimate in luxury lifestyle coaches.  Our skilled and talented work force is committed to building the best luxury motorcoach in the world, and each Featherlite Coach is a reflection of our personal pride in the product, and our Commitment to Excellence.