When you ride in a Featherlite Coaches Prevost conversion motorcoach, home is never far away. Featherlite Coaches Vantare’ motorcoach is built for more than just comfort. Our coaches are celebrated for their reliability, innovation and safety.  We build our Vantare’ models on the tried and true Prevost chassis ensuring a dependable long life equal to our yacht quality craftsmanship.  Click to learn more about the industry leading build qualities of a Featherlite Coach.

Featherlite Coaches Prevost Models

Featherlite Coaches Prevost XLII and H3-45 Models

These top-of-the-line coaches are available in two styles, the Featherlite Vantaré H3-45 and Vantaré XLII, both Prevost bus shell conversions on display in our Dealer showrooms. Each model features interior expanding slide room configurations, with floor plans featuring up to 4 slide rooms and the Featherlite proprietary “flat floor” slide room options.  With over 50 years of manufacturing excellence and 800+ coach builds, Prevost has come to recognize Featherlite Coaches as a leader in manufacturing, being the only Prevost converter in the US to be able to add their own slide rooms and retain the Prevost warranty.

The latest models include new systems and features as well as the rich fabrics and materials that have defined the luxurious Vantaré product line for years. Our experienced sales professionals are experts in the motorcoach industry and will be happy to assist you with any questions and concerns you may have. Call us today, and start riding in style.

Vantaré Specifications:

The sleek and modern H: H3-45

  • Tallest bus shell
  • Exceptional interior height
  • Most floor space for custom conversion
  • Large window area allows more natural light
  • 505 cubic feet of under-floor space for equipment, amenities and storage
  • Multiple choices in floorplan options
  • Outer shell: precision-molded fiber composite for maximum strength, reduced weight and full paintability
  • Flat floor for unobstructed conversion

The timeless and classic X: X3-45

  • Stainless steel upper structure
  • Rivet-free shell siding
  • Stainless steel body up to the beltline
  • Ultra-smooth ride with longest wheelbase
  • Highest interior headroom
  • Lowest overall height from ground for easy access to low-clearance locations
  • 30-inch-wide entrance door with fewer and lower steps for easier access
  • Exceptional underfloor area
  • Wide array of floorplan options

Prevost’s Commitment to Product Safety and Security is a natural extension of our passion for the structural strength and integrity of our motorhomes. For us, safety has two distinct and equally important dimensions: passive and dynamic. Featherlite Coaches Prevost Bus Shell

-Passive safety comprises those systems and features that help protect occupants in the event of an accident.

-Dynamic safety comprises those systems and features that help Prevost drivers avoid accidents.

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Gold PASS Roadside Assistance:

Gold PASS is a Prevost-exclusive owner’s benefit that is provided for the first five years of ownership at no charge to purchasers of new Prevost motorhome conversions. Gold PASS is the industry’s most comprehensive roadside assistance program, providing our owners with priority emergency service and response, anytime and anywhere in the United States and Canada. The Gold PASS Center deploys a sophisticated and automated telecommunications network, enabling incoming calls to be quickly directed to the nearest authorized facility, 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

Call 800-463-7738 for information about Gold PASS.

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