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Featherlite Yacht Quality Luxury for the Open Road

Featherlite Coaches blends yacht quality materials and components with leading edge technology and the experience and knowledge gained from hundreds of coach builds to craft the ultimate motor coach.  When you step aboard a Featherlite you will be blown away by the beauty and luxury.  The stunning look of Featherlite, which we call elegance without ostentation, is just the tip of the iceberg for the Featherlite signature yacht quality fit and finish.  Dig deeper in the sections below to learn about how the ultimate conversion motor coach is crafted and why they are prized coaches in the discerning motorhome community.

Yacht Quality Exterior Details

One-of-a-Kind Paint

Each coach receives a one-of-a-kind paint scheme that is owned by that coach owner.

Side Marker Lights

Large, OEM side marker lights are removed and replaced with low profile, clear lens, color LED marker lights with chrome finish bezels.

Sleek Look Fairings

Custom, front and rear fairings built in-house are integrated to the coach roofline to ensure a  clean, sleek, aerodynamic coach and hide the equipment on the roof (like that unsightly satellite dish).

Roof Marker Lights

OEM roof marker lights are removed and replaced with color LED marker lights with a clear smoked LED lens to blend into the paint scheme.

Paint Matched Door Handles

Exterior bay door latches are painted to integrate with the overall paint scheme for a finished look. 

LED Accent Lighting 

RGB LED exterior accent lighting under the coach, around the headlights, engine bay, and in the power, 4-stage awnings ensure a dynamic exterior look to light up the night.

Yacht Quality Electrical Details

Tier 4 GenSet

Tier 4 20 kW generator mounted on air bags to eliminate vibration, in a hush box that reduces any potential noise and that exhausts away from exterior entertaining spaces.

Wago Connectors

WAGO Connectors

WAGO connectors for electrical such as the yacht-style LED ceiling lights which ensure a more secure connection while also reducing service costs when service or changes need to be completed.

24volt Primary DC Systems

Higher voltage, lower amperage.  High efficiency, lower cable weight.  Charge 24v from Inverters and Alternators. Consume 24v & No battery equalizers.

Easy-To-Access Panels

Easy to access underbay wiring panels feature an extremely clean and easy to understand layout with torque marked fasteners that employ a locking material for the torque marks ensuring secure connections.

Featherlite Battery Location

Battery Location

Batteries mounted over rear drive axles optimize weight distribution and preserves bay space for storage. 

Yacht Quality Materials

Boat cable for AC power.  Twisted pair cable for DC power.  "Engine Room" for Main Electrical Systems.

Twisted Pair Wiring

Advanced Wiring

Twisted pair DC wiring that reduces electromagnetic interference within the coach. American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) Certified flexible, copper core, tinned 120v "Boat Cable" for reliability and performance.

LED Lighting

Marine grade and submersible LED warm white, yacht lighting inside to ensure years of reliability and a pleasant interior look while consuming 80% less power.

Battery Options

      Featherlite offers a choice of AGM or Lithium coach batteries.

Featherlite Battery Location

AGM Battery System

Premium Lifeline Deep Cycle AGM batteries in high performance 24V configuration.  Aircraft cell construction, 8D batteries made by hand in the USA with top quality materials that are maintenance free with a 5-year pro-rate warranty.  Designed to deliver industry leading reserve capacities and life-cycle capabilities 

Six Lifeline 8D Deep Cycle AGM Batteries, 18 kW-hrs. 24 volt system, no battery equalizers is standard. 

Lithium Battery System

24V Lithium battery system that is fully compatible with the coach's existing 24v system.  High power density, light weight, long lasting, safe battery solution with advanced lithium-ion iron phosphate batteries and integrated battery management system (BMS).

Yacht Quality Fit and Finish

Ergonomic Dash

Custom ergonomic dash with dual 10.4" touchscreen monitors, AMG air vents, wireless phone charging system, and a redundant GPS control enabled monitor for passenger seat.

3D Computer Design

Interiors, Wiring and HVAC Ducting are 3D CAD designed and CNC milled for precision, consistency and repeatability ensuring if you ever had an accident with a cabinet door or drawer a new one can be repeated quickly.

Featherlite Vantare Prevost

LED Lighting

Warm white, dim-able, waterproof yacht LED lighting provides a luxurious ambiance that is easy on the eyes plus 80% less power consumption.

Insulation Systems

A Cooler Coach - Desert Spec insulation package that adds IR/UV rejecting coatings to the windows and roof to ensure a more comfortable interior and less wear and tear on your HVAC systems.  Full interior thermal and sound insulation.

Driver Comfort

Heated and ventilated driver and passenger seating.  360 degree camera system and remote control rear camera.  Allison Transmission Retarder and Prevost Active Cruise Breaking.  XM/ FM/ AM/ Weather Radio with 4 speakers and subwoofer.

Weight Reduction

Our CNC router removes unnecessary cabinet wood to reduce weight without losing strength ensuring your coach is lighter for more carry capacity and better on road performance.

Cabinet Details

Cabinets receive liners for sound deadening and hanging clothes lockers are cedar lined with auto on/off LED lighted hanger rods.

Artisan Tile Work

Not only beautiful, but made to last with an uncoupling layer in the tile underlayment that neutralizes the differential movement stresses between the substrate and the tile eliminating the major cause of cracking or delaminating of tiled surfaces.

Lightweight Construction

Marine grade materials are used throughout the entire coach from the remarkably lightweight wood to the composite panels.

Featherlite Auto-Locking Drawers

Auto-Locking Drawers

Drawer boxes are US crafted from Maple hardwood using dovetail construction that automatically lock with ignition to ensure they stay shut when driving.

Quiet Pocket Doors

Electric, variable speed pocket doors that open and close with a whisper with pinch protection so no one gets caught in the door or stuck behind a door.

Premium Casework

Premium cabinet hardware, US made dovetail drawers that feature automatic soft close feature. 

Yacht Quality Interior Design

Professional Interior Design

Partnership with Jules & Peabody Design, a group renowned for their work with private and corporate aviation clients, combining their leading edge design with our craftsmanship to produce bespoke conversion motor coaches.

Hidden Mechanics

Custom, composite, back-lit ceiling panels that conceal the HVAC vents and reduce ambient noise.

Attention to Details

AMG dash vents for uncompromising look and performance.

Bespoke Materials

Designer materials, furnishings and appliances from the likes of Moore & Giles, Townsend, and Spinneybeck leathers, Ann Sacks, Fire Clay, and Artistic Tile tiles, Vicostone, Lafer, Viking, Fisher & Paykel and more.

LED Lighting

Warm white, dim-able, waterproof yacht LED lighting provides a luxurious ambiance that is easy on the eyes.

Outdoor Entertaining

Multiple custom bay options including Outdoor Kitchen Options: gas, electric, or wood pellet grill; induction cooktop; refrigerator & freezer; prep surfaces and storage.  Outdoor Bar Options: push button liquor bar; in-counter blender system; refrigerator; ice maker.

Space Planning

3D CAD designed floorplans that maximize utilization of coach space for storage and livability.  Take your floorplan ideas from conceptualization though the design process to visualization in the space.  Prototyping brings designs to life maximizing innovation.

Versatile Floorplans 

Dinettes that can convert from dining to entertaining at the push of a button changing form dinette to coffee table.

Versatile Storage Solutions

Bunk spaces that power convert to become full length and width closet space.

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Featherlite Leadership in Innovation

Featherlite Coaches has a history of leading the industry in innovation designed for ownership excellence.  
Some areas where we lead the industry:

Industry Firsts

  • The only converter approved and authorized by Prevost to build and install custom slide room systems in the Prevost chassis while maintaining the Prevost warranty offering 30" deep slide rooms in every position as well as flat floor slide rooms in every position 
  • First converter to install and offer lithium coach batteries
  • First converter to use electric, variable speed, pinch protected pocket doors which operate quieter and are safer
  • First converter to modify the exterior elements of the Prevost shell for a more finished look
  • Featherlite is the only converter to offer our exclusive touch panel coach controls with Gen. II Intuitive Coach Controls allowing for greater coach control from all locations, inside and outside
  • First converter to offer a power raise/lower 65" UHD front TV
  • First converter to offer full interior LED lighting (from ceiling lights to accent lights)
  • First converter to offer an articulating, power, hi-low dinette to coffee table conversion providing greater flexibility for living and entertaining
  • First yacht builder (Vantare) to transition fully to motorcoach production.
  • First converter to include (3) years concierge service to new coach buyers

PREVOST - The Ultimate Chassis


Integral Structure - Strongest, Safest, Most Durable. Prevost Aware Active Cruise Control, Electronic Stability Control, Anti-lock Braking, Tire Pressure Monitoring, Fire Detection and Suppression


"Zero-tolerance" assembly jigs equate to precision in calibration maintaining perfect alignment and positioning while each piece of stainless steel structure is being welded

Structural Rigidity

Prevost Structure is a monocoque chassis and one that integrates the slides.  304 and 410-03 grade stainless steel structure with unparalleled vertical, lateral and torsional rigidity in a integrated chassis construction

Service Network

190+ service providers nationwide, 16 factory service centers, 55 mobile service vans , 25 customer support managers, Prevost PASS 24/7 support

Largest Underbay Storage

Prevost beam allows for easy slide-out integration without impacting under-floor volume, an unsurpassed 505 cubic feet of underbay storage. Beam chassis adds strength so the vehicle can accommodate more weight, greater floorspace and more slides without reducing space for storage and amenities 


Factory back and integrated engine (Volvo) and telematics systems - not an add on.  Integrated independent suspension "Rock Star Ride"


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