Featherlite’s Class Leading Construction

Featherlite Coaches – Beyond Extraordinary, Behind the Skin

Featherlite Coaches’ painstaking attention to detail provides our customers with a coach unlike any other conversion company.  While we all start with the same Prevost conversion shell, Featherlite goes beyond all others in establishing a Featherlite as the leader in the industry.

  • ABYC (American Boat and Yacht Council) spec wiring ensures our coaches can perform in the harshest wiringenvironments.
  • AC boat cable, stranded copper wiring that is coated to prevent corrosion and flexible to resist vibration and make the bends necessary in coach construction and move with your coach for years to come.
  • Structured and planned wiring that is easy to understand and service.
  • DC twisted pair wiring and separate wiring looms to prevent electromagnetic interference inside your coach.
  • 24v primary DC systems for better efficiency, allowing use smaller low voltage wiring to reduce weight, provide more flexibility and tie into the chassis seamlessly.batt1
  • Batteries strategically located over the rear axles to better balance the weight and to conserve valuable bay space for customer use.
  • Full CAD electrical diagrams for each coach.
  • (4) 24v alternators, 1 for chassis and 3 for the house, to allow full interior systems usage while traveling, including up to (4) roof ACs.
  • 20kw diesel genset in a hush-box with rear radiator allows for the best off the grid performance combined with a quiet, and clean, patio experience.
  • Standard double insulation on all coaches, one layer of thick foam insulation is thbatt2en blanketed with environmentally friendly fire resistant foil wrapped insulation.
  • Desert-spec ceramic, infrared rejecting window coatings.
  • NASA technology based high performance roof coating, IR rejecting roof paint to provide thermally secure interior, decreased HVAC run times and reduced energy usage.
  • Kidde Dual Protection automated fire suppression system.
  • Engineered HVAC ducting for cool, quiet operation to maintain your comfort.
  • CAD designed ceiling systems offering intricate patterns with easy access to wiring and mounting points lowers service and conversion costs for customer savings.


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