Coach 0378: Inside the Design Part 1 – The Exterior

Posted on January 4, 2021

Travel in the pinnacle of luxury when you take possession of this, in production, Featherlite Vantare, Double Slide, Bunk/Closet floorplan Prevost conversion motor coach.  This coach will boast all the amenities and features of a yacht quality luxury coach.

Take an adventure away from the fast pace and high pressure of your every day life.

Coach 0378 "San Marino" is a new Featherlite Coach Double Slide Prevost motorhome.  Featuring a booth-style dinette, sleeper sofa, desk workstation, double bunk/closet convertible, huge king suite with adjustable bed and glorious windows.

The double bunk / closet convertible floorplan allows for some serious versatility.  It can be configured as a double bunk, a single bunk, or no bunks at all and instead a massive hall closet.  Whether you're traveling with the kids or multi-seasons of clothing - this coach has you covered.   

Numerous special features including Volvo D13 engine, Allison 4000 transmission, output retarder, Prevost Advanced Electronic Stability program, Prevost Aware adaptive cruise braking, 65" Salon 4K TV, 49" Bay TV, new Featherlite dash design for 2020, QLED Smart 4K UHD Samsung TVs, Intuitive Coach Automation, and Touch Control Panels.  

Coach 0378 "San Marino"

Key Features

The Featherlite Conversion

  • All-New Featherlite Intuitive Touch Panel Coach Controls 
  • Featherlite Exclusive Paint-Matched Bay Door Handles
  • Featherlite Exclusive Front and Rear Fairings for Aerodynamic Awning Integration
  • Featherlite's Desert Spec IR and UV Rejecting Roof and Window Coatings
  • Samsung 4k UHD TVs, Apple TV, HD DirecTV, and Sonos Sound
  • 360 Degree Exterior Camera Set-Up360 Degree Exterior Camera Set-Up
  • Co-Pilot Navigation with Screen Mirroring
  • 3-Point Co-Pilot Seat with Heat and Massage
  • Featherlite's LED Lighted 4-Stage Awning Package
  • Nationwide Network of Featherlite Service Providers Including 2 Factory Service Centers and 2 Mobile Service Vans

The Prevost Shell

  • Double Slide
  • Volvo D13 engine
  • Integral Stainless Steel Chassis Structure - Strongest, Safest, Most Durable
  • Prevost Advanced Electronic Stability Program
  • Prevost Aware Adaptive Cruise Braking
  • Variable Steering Assistance System
  • Electric Fan Drive Cooling Package
  • ISRI 3-Point Driver Seat with Air Suspension, Air, and Heat
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System
  • Prevost Engine Warranty 5 Years/250,000 Miles
  • Allison 4000MHR Transmission with 5 Years/250,000 Miles Warranty
  • Over 190 Prevost Service Providers Nationwide Including 15 Service Centers and 55 Mobile Service Vans
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The Design Process

Coach 0378

The Exterior Paint

0378 exterior paint scheme

To view the inventory listing for "San Marino", click HERE.

Coach 0378, Prevost