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 A Featherlite Prevost Coach is the premier hand-crafted motorcoach available based on the Prevost motorhome chassis.  When searching to purchase a new or preowned Prevost motorhome conversion, Featherlite Coaches stands head and shoulders above competitors in the luxury motorcoach sales arena.  Backed by over 50 years of manufacturing excellence and over 800 coach builds, Featherlite Coaches has the experience and technical knowledge, and leverages the most cutting edge materials, to ensure that each Featherlite Vantare´ is the best luxury coach available.

The manufacturing background and engineering capabilities at Featherlite Coaches has earned Featherlite the distinction of being the only Prevost conversion company to maintain the Prevost Luxury Prevost Featherlite Interiorwarranty when installing slide-outs.  The proprietary Featherlite Super Slide System has been engineered and crafted to such a high level that we can provide our customers with a unique, larger, slide-out with a seamless flat floor.  This creates a more natural, home-like feel to your coach and helps retain higher values over competitor coaches.  This level of engineering extends to all the components built into your Featherlite Coach ensuring smooth operation and years of durability.

We hand craft each Featherlite Coach using the most precise equipment in the industry to ensure each component functions flawlessly and is built to the lightest, yet strongest, specs available.   Each coach passes extensive design and engineering processes before moving to the production stage.  During the production stage our manufacturing experts build and test each component as it is installed to ensure that your coach will meet the most discriminating standards.  By building each component we ensure the coach meets Featherlite standards as opposed to companies that retrofit off-the-shelf components.  This hand-crafted approach allows us to source the materials that make up the components of your coach to build you a coach that will provide years of enjoyment while actualizing real world benefits.

Featherlite Coaches’ rich history stretches back to the marine industry and the crafting of Vantare´ yachts.The marine environment is the most demanding environment where harsh conditions collide with the need for Luxury Yacht from Vantaréextremely durable components that are also lightweight.  Featherlite Coaches continues this tradition by sourcing many of our coach materials from the marine supply industry.  By utilizing the materials designed for the most extreme environment, we can craft a coach for you that will meet the most punishing demands.  Your coach will last longer, live better, drive lighter and provide years of enjoyment returning a high resale value when it comes time to move to a new Featherlite Coach.

Featherlite Coaches remains the premier manufacturer of Prevost motorhome based conversion coaches.  Leveraging our rich history and engineering prowess with the industries most skilled craftsman, Featherlite Coaches hand crafts and sells new and used Vantare´ luxury motorcoaches utilizing the highest grade materials to provide you with a superior product that brings years of traveling enjoyment and superior resale values.  Featherlite Coaches brings yacht quality luxury to the open road.  To learn more, contact us today at 757-923-3374 and click to view our available inventory here.

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