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Featherlite Coaches ultimate, yacht quality coaches deserve the ultimate chassis and Prevost supplies the best chassis in the industry in both the H and X models.  There is nothing that is as strong, well-constructed or rides as smooth as a Prevost coach conversion shell.  If you are comparing any other brand of chassis to a Prevost the information below is a must read, and watch, to understand the unique properties that make Prevost the ultimate chassis. 

Prevost Chassis Advantages:

  • 304 and 410-03 grade stainless steel provides unparalleled vertical, lateral and torsional rigidity.   Some companies mate a regular steel chassis to an aluminum house frame.  Aluminum, while light and cheaper is known for malleability which is not helpful in a highway accident or to attach walls and cabinets to in a moving vehicle. 
  • "Zero-tolerance" assembly jigs equate to perfect alignment and positioning during construction each and every time.
  • The Prevost Structure is a one-piece monocoque chassis.  Other companies will mate the chassis and the house structure which results in a weaker structure.
  • The Prevost beam chassis adds strength so the vehicle can accommodate more weight, greater floorspace and more slides without reducing space for storage and amenities.
  • Factory backed and integrated engine (Volvo) and telematics systems - not an add-on from other suppliers.
  • Prevost integrated independent front suspension and stabilizer bars front and rear for unsurpassed driving enjoyment.
  • Safety - Prevost Aware Active Cruise Control, Electronic Stability Control, Anti-lock Braking, Tire Pressure Monitoring, Fire Detection and Suppression
  • Service Network - 190+ service providers nationwide, 16 factory service centers, 55 mobile service vans , 25 customer support managers, Prevost PASS 24/7 support.

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