Sell Your Featherlite Prevost

Sell your coach fast for the best price.

The Story:

You're ready to say "Good By" to your motorhome.  Whether you've had a change in your situation, are taking a break, need to liquidate assets, want a newer Featherlite, or just aren't able to find the time to use your coach as much as you'd like - we understand.  And we are here to help you navigate this transaction for a hassle-free experience.  We handle all of the advertising, market analysis, buyer identification, paperwork, loan payoff, delivery, and training.    

Featherlite Coaches offers the advantages of experience, a network of buyers, and the ability to take a trade-in when brokering your coach so you get a significantly larger pool of qualified buyers.


Think you can sell your coach yourself, and pocket the cash you would otherwise pay a broker? It can be tempting, especially in a hot market, but resist the urge - "for sale by owner" transactions almost always lead you to sacrifice both money and time.  When it's not something you do everyday, the task can be daunting:

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  • Where will I find a buyer?  
  • How can I be sure I'm not getting scammed?  
  • How much time will I have to spend getting my coach ready to sell?  
  • How am I going to schedule showing the coach?  
  • Will I have to publish my cell phone number so random potential buyers can contact me?
  • How am I going to train the new owner to use the coach?  
  • What if they want to make changes? 
  • How many phone calls will I have to answer to help the new owners figure things out? 
  • What if my buyer already has a coach and wants to trade?
  • How will the buyer get financed?  
  • How will I get the buyer 30 day tags? 
  • How will I transfer title to the new owner?
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    The Value of Consigning Your Coach with Featherlite

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    • How do I get my coach seen by potential buyers when there are so many costly options?
    • Potential buyers all have trades.
    • Is it safe to meet with the potential buyers?
    • How do I handle buyers asking for items to be repaired before they will buy it?
    • I inherited this coach and do not even know how to operate it, let alone how do I sell it.
    • How do I overcome buyers who are skeptical of buying from an unknown entity?
    • How do I know it is safe to transfer the title to the new owner? 
    Featherlite Solutions
    • We receive thousands of visitors to our website looking for coaches just like yours.
    • We list on third party sites that deliver quality leads at our expense.
    • We are routinely at shows and holding rallies with potential buyers providing maximum exposure.
    • We email thousands of potential buyers on a regular basis. 
    • We have the resources to take in trades, which most buyers will have at this level of coach.
    • Our professional sales and marketing staff perform all the sales presentation duties, insulating you from dealing with strangers.
    • We have trained technicians who can prepare your coach for a delivery providing more piece of mind to potential buyers.  We also offer professional delivery and training for the new owner which makes it more likely for them to buy from us than an individual.
    • We manage the title transfer process insulating you from the risk of sending your title to a stranger and hoping the funding shows for your coach.
    • We have a reputation earned from delivering hundreds of coaches to satisfied customers. 
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    Featherlite Coaches skill in marketing and selling your coach, coupled with our reputation within the industry ensures you receive the top dollar for your coach in a more timely manner and provides you with a seamless and simple method of selling your coach.  


    Featherlite Coaches has been an industry leader in pre-owned coach sales for over 20 years.  Let us put our resources to work for you today. 


    Proven coach sales experience that gets results.


    Substantial investment in marketing, advertising, and advanced digital tools.  Your listing will gain access to thousands of buyers in our network.


    More opportunities to sell your coach.  Showcase your coach in the right places.

    What Makes Featherlite Coaches Better?

    Sales Team

    Our People

    Featherlite Coaches is nothing without our people and we pride ourselves on attracting the top talent in the industry. Not only is it important for your coach broker to be experienced and professional, but the network we have within the industry can make a huge difference in finding the right buyer quickly.

    Services We Offer

    The Featherlite Coaches Team provides full service "bumper-to-bumper" assistance for both our sellers and our buyers.  From market analysis to identifying qualified buyers to advertising to paperwork and loan payoff to delivery and training - we are a turn key solution to selling your coach.  Let us handle all of the hassle.

    Our Commitment To Marketing

    Featherlite's comprehensive approach to marketing your coach ensures that it gets the greatest visibility. Whether at a coach show, digital marketing, RV park, or competing for search results online, Featherlite has advanced strategies and tactics available to advertise and expose your coach to the right audience. 

    Featherlite's Proven Process


    Tell us about your coach.

    We'll collect information about your coach to confirm we're a good fit.  Verify your needs, challenges and concerns.


    We'll analyze market conditions.

    Review the competitive landscape.


    We'll establish price and market value.

    Position and price to sell.  We'll let you know where your coach is positioned in today's market.


    We'll connect to industry networks.

    Widespread communication and distribution.


    We'll activate sales and marketing.

    Deploy the most advanced strategy.


    We'll handle all of the hassle.

    Cleaning your coach, identifying qualified buyers, advertising, showings, mounds of paperwork, loan payoff, delivery and training.  We've got it covered for you.

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    We'll guide you at every step through our easy process.


    Speak with a Featherlite Coaches sales expert to find out if we are a good fit for your coach.  We'll collect information about your coach and discuss your individual needs, challenges and concerns.


    Let us do the work.  We'll analyze market conditions and determine where your coach fits in the competitive landscape to establish price and market value.  We'll prepare your listing, order a pre-delivery inspection, and present scope of work for necessary repairs as needed.  


    We'll connect to our buyer network with widespread communication and distribution.  Our internet marketing will be set in motion. 


    Competition drives offers and a fair price.  We'll generate more qualified leads and conversations with real buyers.  We'll be your advocate to help you make the best decision.


    Cleaning your coach, identifying qualified buyers, advertising, showings, mounds of paperwork, loan payoff, delivery and training.  We've got it covered for you.

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    Dealing with the folks at Featherlite Coach is truly a pleasurable experience.

    - Andy P.

    I want to underline the great work Mark has done in my buying transaction with Featherlite.  I got great service and he handles things professionally.  I would not hesitate to refer Mark and Jeff Williams when it comes to deal with the best.

    - Gilles

    It's a joy doing business with you!  You guys get it, and that takes all the pressure and aggravation out of the equation.  Keep smiling!

    - Stephanie

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