Coach 0310: Inside the Design Part 1

Posted on January 23, 2020

Coach 0310 "Angel Fire" is a 2020 Featherlite Coach Double Slide Prevost motorhome.  Numerous special features including Volvo D13 engine, Allison 4000 transmission, output retarder, Prevost Advanced Electronic Stability program, Prevost Aware adaptive cruise braking, 4K Shower TV, 49" Bay TV, rear stateroom closet, new Featherlite dash design for 2020, QLED Smart 4K UHD Samsung TVs, Intuitive Coach Automation, and Touch Control Panels.  Our unique center master and half-bath floorplan allows you to separate your master bath from the guest half-bath; it also can allow you to give a guest access your master shower without accessing the master stateroom.

Our design partner, Jules and Peabody, presented two stunning Moodboards to select from for Coach 0310 and we reached out to our customers and fans to get their feedback via Facebook Survey.  

Option A was a selection of neutral tones with creams and whites, black hardware; light wood cabinetry and flooring.

Option B was a selection with higher contrasts, distressed/camel tone leather, Chesterfield style sofa, denim blue and neutral accents, a mix of medium and dark woods, and nickel hardware and fixtures.

The results were close, but Option B was the winner 57% vs 43%.  This was a fun way to see what moodboard people responded to, and the higher contract in Option B was chosen.  As a result, we moved forward with a design inspired by image B.

And the winner is... ....Option B!

custom Prevost luxury motorhome 0310 moodboard

Coach 0310, Prevost