Featherlite Coaches – The Difference Is In The Details

Posted on January 9, 2017

Featherlite Coaches are crafted to be the best Prevost conversion motorhomes on the market, delivering on the promise of yacht quality luxury for the open road.  When you approach a Featherlite you can see that it is something special by its graceful lines, attention to exterior detailing and intelligent placement of components.  Stepping inside a Featherlite Coach this same focus on the details is evident in the rich, elegant character each coach presents.  What you may not see is the years of experience and selection of components and engineering that ensure each Featherlite Coach is the best motor coach you can find.  In this series of posts we will uncover just some of the things that make a Featherlite Coach stand-out.  To learn more please visit the Our Coaches section of our website or contact us at sales@featherlitecoaches.com or 757-923-3374.

drawer1 draer2

Featherlite’s American made dovetail construction drawers with precision Austrian undermount drawer glides – top quality, smooth operation, simple adjustment, easy removal, long life, and a laser brand for authenticity.


led1 led2 led3

Featherlite pioneered full LED interior lighting, and we insist on yacht quality lighting, like the USA made, fully dimmable, sealed, water resistant Ventura PowerLED lights, which we use throughout our coach interiors. They feature carefully designed optics to produce beautiful warm white light that is free of hot spots, and they have low power consumption, low heat, and a projected 50,000 hour life – backed by a 5-year warranty.



Featherlite makes floor heat standard on our Vantare luxury motorhomes. The comfortable, thermally efficient heat radiating up from the floor is one of the creature comforts we build into each coach.



A refrigerated cupholder is a new creature comfort for the driver. This innovative new feature keeps drinks cold for miles and miles, and marine grade construction keeps it working for years and years.



Featherlite uses cabinet door latches featuring integrated switching for the interior cabinet lights, instead of a separate latch and switch at every door. This elegant solution gives a clean appearance, reduces part count, and simplifies set up and adjustment.


eurolite eurolite2

Featherlite uses Eurolite marine grade lightweight plywood extensively throughout the coach for cabinets and joinery. It is light, stable, and strong – another example of yacht quality materials being applied in our luxury motorhomes.


These are just a few examples of the craftsmanship and details that make Featherlite Coaches the best built Prevost conversion coaches available.  We will continue this series in additional posts during 2017.  For more please visit the Our Coaches section of our website or contact us at sales@featherlitecoaches.com or 757-923-3374.