Coach 0723 “Monterey” Quad Slide Motorhome – In Production

The Story of Coach 0723 - "Monterey"

Coach 0723 "Monterey" is a 2022 Featherlite Coach Quad Slide Prevost motorhome.  Numerous special features including Volvo D13 engine, Allison 4000 transmission, output retarder, Prevost Advanced Electronic Stability program, Prevost Aware adaptive cruise braking, 4K Shower TV, 49" Bay TV, Huge stateroom, new Featherlite dash design for 2020, QLED Smart 4K UHD Samsung TVs, Intuitive Coach Automation, and Touch Control Panels.  

The name "Monterey" comes from Monterey County, CA - one of the most gorgeous places in America.  Rich with history, culture, tasting rooms, galleries, and the iconic Highway One, Monterey offers something for every interest.  With mountains that rise swiftly from the sea, the Monterey coastline is one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world..

Coach 0723 Features

A few of the features....

The Featherlite Conversion

  • Unique Brett King Design Paint
  • New Touch Control Panels
  • Intuitive Coach Automation
  • QLED Smart 4K UHD TVs
  • 4K In-Shower TV
  • Yacht Quality Construction

The Prevost Shell

  • Quad Slide
  • Volvo D13 engine
  • Allison 4000 transmission
  • Output retarder
  • Prevost Advanced Electronic Stability 
  • Aware Adaptive Cruise Braking

Travel in the pinnacle of luxury when you take possession of this, in production, Featherlite Vantare, Quad Slide, Bath and a Half floorplan Prevost conversion motor coach.  This coach will boast all the amenities and features of a yacht quality luxury coach.

Take an adventure away from the fast pace and high pressure of your every day life.

The Design Process

Coach 0723 

The Exterior Paint

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Featherlite Vantare

Innovation in Exterior Design

Featherlite Coaches has teamed up with Brett King Design for an awesome collaboration creating the most avant-garde exteriors in the industry.  Bret King Design is a motorsport oriented brand rooted in racing, art, and innovative design.  BKD is the choice of champions in motorsport offering cutting edge design and distinctive style.  "Monterey" is the second in a series of BKD designs inspired by art, fashion, sports, and music.

The Design Process

Coach 0723 

Interior Materials

“ We believe in the art of design.  Special, thoughtful and unique.  A collection of details that move you.  Your method of travel is an illustration of how you live and how you want to arrive.  We are driven by your story and want to help you tell it.  Curating beautiful spaces for luxury travel and modern living. "

Julie Mandrell,

designer & principal of Jules & Peabody

Innovation in Interior Design

Featherlite Coaches has a long standing partnership with the very talented Julie Mandrell of Jules & Peabody, a professional boutique design studio specializing in private aircraft and motorcoaches.  With over 20 years of experience in Motorcoach and Aviation Design, Julie makes our interior spaces functional, safe, and beautiful by determining space requirements and selecting essential and decorative items, such as colors, lighting, and materials.  She is an expert at combining design elements of space, line, forms, light, color, texture and pattern - keeping them balanced to create an aesthetically pleasing interior.  Julie offers exclusive interior design concierge service for Featherlite Coaches.


-designer notes-

This interior is probably the most modern coach we’ve done and I’m super excited to see it come to life.  It’s pushing the envelope a bit but still relatable and the perfect complement to Brett’s exterior.  

The first stop will need to be the race track!

Key Design Elements in "Monterey"

Tile: Artistic Tile, known for the finest quality and innovative design.  Corda Blanca Bianco Carrara, carved from Bianco Carrara Marble in rope-like strands created a beautiful textured aesthetic.

Custom Pilot & Co-Pilot Seat Design: Custom quilted and perforated leather create one-or-a-kind seat design.    

Sconce Lights: The Mitzi - Hudson Valley Lighting Chloe Wall Light features an artistic combination of both marble and brass that harmonize form and function in a simple, beautiful form.

Countertops: Corian Quartz, Versilia Grigo quartz - crisp white background with an eye-catching grey veined pattern.  Quartz is a superior material due to: its nonporous nature - making it impervious to stains, durable, and low-maintenance.  We're attempting the industry's first waterfall countertop on the galley with this beautiful material.

Designer Fabrics: Fabrics from Donghia and Holly Hunt and leathers from Holly Hunt and Garrett create a stunning mix of textiles.  

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The Finished Coach

Coach 0723

The Sneak Reveal

"Monterey" is being crafted at our manufacturing facility in Suffolk, Virginia.  

We expect her to be completed in early June.

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