About Featherlite Coaches

vehicle-1About Featherlite Coaches

Travel in style, when you travel with Featherlite. Our extravagent motorcoaches are among the finest in America, known for their chic yet comfortable interiors. Each coach features the supple leathers, rich textiles and ornate detailing for which Featherlite is famous. Secure the ultimate leisure travel experience. When you ride in a Featherlite motorcoach, home is never far away.

A Featherlite motorcoach is built for more than just comfort. Our coaches are celebrated for their reliability, innovation and high quality fit & finish, while our staff are often praised for prompt customer service, even post-purchase. It’s no surprise that so many NASCAR drivers, owners and sponsors choose Featherlite Luxury Coaches as their deluxe home-on-the-road while traveling the racing circuit.

Our philosophy includes regularly striving to Exceed Owner Expectations, a motto that we’ve taken with us to the National Dealer Network. Now owners of our most luxurious motorcoach, the Vantaré, have access to even greater customer service and personal support.

Our deluxe line of Vantaré motorcoaches is manufactured in Suffolk, Virginia. These top-of-the-line coaches are available in two styles, the Featherlite Vantaré H3-45 and Vantaré XLII, both Prevost bus shell conversions on display in our Dealer showrooms. Each features interior expanding slide room configurations, with floor plans featuring up to 4 slide rooms and proprietary “flat floor” slide room options.

The latest models include new systems and features as well as the rich fabrics and materials that have defined the luxurious Vantaré product line for years. Our experienced sales professionals are experts in the motorcoach industry and will be happy to assist you with any questions and concerns you may have. Call us today, and start riding in style.

Customer Service

experts-imageFeatherlite Coaches would like to extend to you an invitation to visit any of our authorized dealers. Experience firsthand the level of dedication, the quality of customer service and the atmosphere of opulence associated with Featherlite owners. The partnership between Featherlite and our dealers ensures that our customers receive impeccable customer service and support, regardless of location.

Our Dealers maintain the service centers & staff necessary to provide our customers with the assistance & quality of care that they deserve & expect from Featherlite. Our technicians are factory-trained in Vantaré service requirements, and possess the skills & expertise to address all of your questions or concerns. Featherlite engineers and manufacturing personnel are available for your convenience, as needed.

State of the Art Engineering

We also invite you to tour the Featherlite Coach manufacturing facilities in Suffolk, VA to see how the best-designed and best-built motorcoach in America comes together. The Engineering Department designs all mechanical, electrical, and cabinet installations in 3-D AutoCAD – all aspects are pre-engineered and documented before a coach is built. Our Interior Designers source an array of materials and resources that give each coach its identity – giving every Vantaré its own unique custom look and feel.

The Manufacturing facility employs state-of-the-art materials and equipment. Just a short list of “beneath the skin” elements that go into the construction of each Vantaré include: light weight composites, the latest in insulating materials, CNC routers used in manufacturing parts, controls and equipment for precise electrical and plumbing installations, care and quality in upholstery and finishing, expert metal fabrication, a rigid Quality Control system with checks at each stage of manufacture.

Featherlite’s skilled and talented work force is committed to building the best luxury motorcoach in the market. Each Vantaré is a reflection of our personal pride in the product. With this level of commitment, Featherlite Coaches will continue the legacy of quality and innovation that has succeeded, year after year, in building motorcoaches that Exceed Owner Expectations.